Materials and Process Engineer (Non-Metallics)

  • Kopter Group AG specializes in the development, production, commercialization and support of a new generation of helicopters. It is based in the Zurich region and currently employs 250 people. Its first model, the single turbine SH09, offers the highest standards of safety, comfort and performance, coupled with low operating costs. Additionally, it provides the largest cabin/cargo volumes, outstanding modularity and the latest generation of electronic systems. Built for the most demanding missions, the SH09 helicopter is generating an excellent market response.
  • Your responsibilities

    • Responsible for Non-Metallic Materials and Processes
    • Creating Non-Metllic material and process specifications for the procurement of materials and manufacture/assembly of aircraft and components
    • Assessing and approving external production processes of non-metalic materials and parts to ensure they meet the requirements of kopter M&P specifications
    • Collaborating with stress & fatigue, design and procurement departments to align correct material and processes for dedicated applications
    • Maintaining the material data bank GRANTA to ensure the correct material data is available to Kopter
    • Planning, performing and supervising Non-Metallic material and process tests performed internally as well as at external suppliers to provide material data to stress, fatigue, production and quality areas
    • Supporting as SME during audits and calls on suppliers in collaboration with supplier quality assurance Writing purchase orders for internal / external testing and for equipment calibration
    • Supporting the Design Organisation in the selection of Non-Metalic materials and Processes to support the decision making process
    • Generating and providing Non-Metallic material static and fatigue data and allowables for the analysis of non-metallic structures
    • Providing solutions for the surface protection of materials and components to prevent corrosion and degradation by wear, fretting and environment
  • Your qualifications

    • Strong and persistent personality who is able to work independently
    • Interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multi-national team
    • Intercultural competence (effectively works with diverse others/suppliers)
    • Common knowledge about quality management system (QMS)
    • Three years of relevant professional aerospace or materials experience
    • Bachelor or Master Degree in engineering discipline (aerospace, materials, or equivilent)
  • Our offer

    We are offering an interesting  job opportunity in an entrepreneurial environment with room to grow in every dimension
  • Location

    Department of Materials & Processes located in CH-8620 Wetzikon.
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